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As our telephone system works differently then other countries and technology is a constant changing market, we listed the most frequently asked questions of our clients/guests regarding international calling, calling cards, 800-numbers, Internet Access, Wireless Service, Cellular phones and roaming.

Can I use my cellular phone in Aruba?
Some GSM phones work in Aruba. Please check with your cellular provider if they have a roaming agreement with our local cellular company and if your phone is set up with international roaming. The roaming costs are mostly quite high, it might be more cost effective to rent a cellular phone in Aruba.

Can I reserve a cellular phone before arriving in Aruba?
Yes, you can reserve your cellular phone. The Business Center has a 1-day, 3-day, week and month rentals and you can make secured online reservations via our website. Just visit the reservations link, and fill out the form. The Business Center will follow up promptly and confirm your cellular phone rental with the cellular phone number you will have in Aruba.

What is the benefit of renting a cellular phone?
When renting a cellular phone at the Hyatt Business Center,
You can call International at limited telephone costs;
You can make conference calls;
You can receive incoming calls for free wherever you are on the island;
Enjoy the safety and security of having a mobile phone in Aruba.

Can I use my Blackberry in Aruba?
When you have a Blackberry of T-mobile. AT & T, or Cingular, you can use it in Aruba as a cellular phone, however it is not possible to send or receive email via the wireless technology as it uses the blue tooth GPRS technology?

Can I use my PDA?
Yes, you can use your PDA and connect to the Internet, as it has a built-in wireless device. You only need to buy a wireless prepaid access code card at the Business Center. Depending on your provider you can also make international calls on your PDA. Please check with your provider.

What are the calling rates when roaming with my US phone in Aruba?
Some GSM phone providers like Cingular, T-mobile and AT&T; have roaming agreements with our local providers Setar or Digicel. Please verify with your local provider about the international roaming and long distance fees, as they might be quite high.
Incoming calls from anywhere are between US $ 1.50 – $2.00 per minute
Outgoing calls local are between US $ 3.00 – $ 3.75 per minute
Outgoing to US US $ 1.50 – $ 3.70 per minute.

What is a GSM cellular phone?
GSM is a type of digital mobile phone service. The more common type of digital mobile phone service in the US is CDMA, but just about every other country in the world uses primarily or only GSM. For you as the user of your phone, there is no difference at all between using a phone on a CDMA system or a phone on a GSM system. Unfortunately, the two different systems are not compatible with each other. If you have a T-Mobile, Cingular, or recent new M-mode type service with AT&T;, then you have GSM service.

What is a SIM card?
A GSM phone is not directly linked to you. Instead, it has a removable account card, called a SIM (subscriber information module) and this SIM has a unique serial number on it. This is what identifies you to the wireless provider. The important difference about this is that you can put your SIM into any compatible unlocked phone.

What is an unlocked phone and what benefit does it give me?
Some wireless providers ‘lock’ their GSM phones, meaning that their phones have been programmed to only work with SIMs issued by their company. When you have an unlocked phone you can rent a local SIM at the Business Center. This will give you the convenience of your own GSM, attractive local calling rates, and you receive the professional service of the Business Center.

Can I purchase an international calling card in Aruba?
You can purchase calling cards for international calling at the Business Center and use them on the public phones in the resort and across the Island. The calling cards are in different denominations and are easy to use to call anywhere in the world.

What is the International rate to call to the USA/Canada?
When you rent a cellular phone or buy a local calling card the rate to the US is
Outgoing calls between 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. US $ 0.33 per minute )*
Outgoing calls between 7:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. US $ 0.23 per minute )*
Incoming calls from anywhere Free of charge
)* Telephone rates are subject to change without further notice.

How do I make an International call?
To make an international call,
USA & Canada, dial 00 + 1 + area code + number
Other countries, dial 00 + country code + number

How do I dial an 800-number in Aruba?
Yes, you can use 800-numbers in Aruba, however they are not toll-free. To dial an 800-number you dial 00 1 800 number. Before connecting , you will hear a recorder informing you that the call will be charged.

Can I have high-speed Internet Access in Aruba?
In the Business Center we have computers available with secured High Speed Internet Access.
Microsoft Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Citrix, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint Presentations, and all other commonly used software programs;
You can check your email and open the attachments;
You can save files on a diskette or memory stick or burn the files on a CD;
You can print your documents easy and fast.

Can I hook up my own laptop computer in the Business Center?
You can easily connect your laptop computer to our secured high-speed (DSL) connection to download your Outlook mail and browse the Internet.

Can I use my own laptop to access the Internet in my room?
You can use the Internet in your guest room with your own laptop. The Hyatt Regency uses the service of Wi-Fi Aruba which service can be used wired in the room and wireless in all the public areas of the Hyatt Regency Aruba. For more information about the wireless service offered in Aruba, please click this services link.

Does Aruba offer Wireless Internet Service?
In all the public areas of Hyatt Regency Aruba you can connect Wireless via Wi-Fi Aruba. If you bring your own laptop with a built-in wireless device you can purchase a wireless prepaid access code card at the Business Center for a day (US $ 10) or for a week (US $ 35). For more information about wireless in the guest rooms, please contact the Business Center.

Is the Wireless service secured?
Some clients are not able to use the wireless service of Wi-Fi Aruba because it is not secured enough. In that case you can always visit the Business Center and hook up your own laptop computer to our secured network.