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Things to Expect at a Hotel Business Center

Traveling for business is extremely common these days, and you have to be able to take your business on the road with you. One of the elements that can help you in a pinch is the business center at the hotel that you are staying at.

A business center can be great to help you get business done if you don’t have access to a computer, printer, office supplies, or anything else that can be difficult to access on a business trip. Phones and tablets are becoming better and better at replacing the need for a hotel business center. However, they can still come in handy in a pinch.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when using a hotel business center:

Internet Speed Will Be Slower Than Your Business

These days, most businesses and top companies pay a pretty penny for really fast internet – especially businesses that rely on internet speed to get work done. Most likely, if you are traveling for business, you won’t need lightning-fast internet, but internet speed could definitely be a factor.

Most hotels don’t prioritize internet speed, particularly many of the cheaper chains that businesses use for travel. It will probably be fine for checking email, but don’t expect to be downloading or uploading any huge files or running software that is bandwidth expensive.

Privacy is not Protected

When you use a hotel business center or any public Wi-Fi really, you have to be aware that your privacy is not protected when you are browsing online or using software programs. Any information that you provide could potentially be accessed by others.

This is why any time that you use a public computer such as one at a library or hotel business center, don’t enter any personal information, especially payment information or social security numbers. Make sure that when you are done using a public computer to log out of every program or website before shutting the computer down.

Low Light and Cramped Space

Most hotel business centers are small, one-room center’s with maybe a computer, a desk, and (if you’re lucky!) a printer. Don’t expect a whole lot of space or comfort. There’s no window replacement when you are in an interior room without access to natural light.

A lot of offices or home offices have plenty of natural light and desk space, but don’t expect to have the same luxuries when you are working from a hotel business center.

Continental Breakfast is Always Great!

While this isn’t technically part of the business center, staying at a hotel always has the added perks of the free continental breakfast! Many hotels have very similar food in the form of waffles, cereal, yogurt, bagels, and maybe donuts and toast.

In addition, almost every continental breakfast includes orange juice, apple juice, and of course coffee. Most of the time, a hotel will let you take the breakfast back to your room or even into the business center. Just make sure to clean up yourself!